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Mark Newton

Obviously the best thing about Star Trek Into Darkness will be 's spine-tingling dastardly performance as John Harrison. What is the second best thing? Well, we'll finally get to see Klingons in action in ' rebooted Star Trek universe. So far we've only seen them with their helmets on, but in the latest trailer you get an extremely quick glimpse of one without headgear. Check it out below, and keep an extra eye out at around the 21 second mark:


(via Youtube)

Now, I know you don't really get a great look here, so here is a blown up screencap of the Klingon in question:

Well, one controversial Trekkie question has certainly been answered. The Klingons in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek series do indeed have their head-ridges. But what do you think to their overall look? Let me know below.


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