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Now, with April's Orlando getting closer and closer by the day, it was only ever a matter of time before some sort of gloriously geeky details of the event began to make their way online. After all, with set to be released this coming December, and 2017 marking the 40th anniversary of the release of the original back in May 1977, there's set to be a whole lot to celebrate.

What's more, it always seemed likely that those announcements would arrive accompanied by some sort of delightfully geeky promotional artwork, seeing as that's how these things always work now. And, because would quite like us all to be excited about 2017, thank you very much:

This New 'Star Wars' Celebration Poster Is Positively Nerdtastic

'Star Wars Celebration 2017' [Credit: Lucasfilm]
'Star Wars Celebration 2017' [Credit: Lucasfilm]

After all, that there image not only conjures up the spirit of a lifetime of iconic Star Wars posters, but it does so while also incorporating characters from all three generations of Star Wars movies. Now, sure, we could get snippy about the absence of or — and there are surely some who would still prefer to see Alec Guinness appear over — but in the face of such shiny nerdery, it's difficult to maintain that much snark or cynicism. After all, the poster is a glowing example of just what it is we all love about Star Wars, whether that love is based on the Original Trilogy, Prequels or .

Which is actually pretty darned heartwarming when you think about it. What's more, with Star Wars Celebration 2017 also having recently announced a 40th anniversary panel on Thursday April 13, it seems that the wave of nostalgia isn't likely to stop there.

Get ready for some mild weeping/heavy geeking out come April, gang.

What do you think, though? Will you be trying to make it down to Star Wars Celebration 2017? Let us know below!

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