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Ahead of last night's Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi trailer drop, Disney and Lucasfilm unveiled the brand new theatrical poster for the much-anticipated follow-up to The Force Awakens — and much to my Carrie Fisher-loving heart, it puts Princess Leia front and center.

Director unveiled the poster during Twitter's show, which gave fans their first hints as to what to expect from the movie which hits theaters in December.

Unlike the colorful, bombastic poster for The Force Awakens, this poster definitely hints at trouble in the galaxy, and now that we have seen the incredible trailer, this has definitely been confirmed. War is coming to the galaxy far, far away, and the blood red imagery that has dominated the marketing for the movie so far is hard to ignore. The poster also features Rose Tico, a maintenance worker who fought alongside the Resistance against the First Order. This suggests her role in the film and her relationship with Finn will be significant.

Some eagle-eyed fans even pointed out that if you squint, you might just be able to make out Darth Vader, which begs the question once again of who the Last Jedi really is, and whether Luke (or Rey) may turn to the Dark Side after all, as hinted heavily in the recently unleashed trailer. Having said this, the blue blade of Luke's (now Rey's) lightsaber is significant, as it's the only beam of contrasting color found in the image.

The poster has done a good job squeezing all the core characters in, which Johnson said during the Twitter event was the hardest thing about those iconic posters:

"The tricky thing with a poster like this is when you have to fit this many folks on it. How do you do that in a way that is elegant?"

The Last Jedi director also loved how the late was the focal point of the image, wearing his favorite of all her outfits in the movie. Speaking to Twitter, Johnson said he just wanted to "make sure she looked fabulous."

Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi will arrive in theaters December 15.

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