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As we creep closer to The Last Jedi's release date, more and more leaks are gonna become an inevitability. Luckily, no major plot points have been unleashed so far, but a ton of merchandise leaks have unveiled new costumes, characters, and ships for us to drool over. The latest of these leaks has added to this treasure trove, and has also given us some insight into ' most interesting new planet, known so far as Canto Bight.

Described as "a playground for rich assholes" by director Rian Johnson, Canto Bight is a glittering, decadent city on the planet of Cantonica, as a new toy box reveals. Here's the blurb from the back of the box, which contains the city police's land speeders:

Anyone attempting to escape the law on Cantonica had best move fast, as the police force of Canto Bight has at its disposal these swift, lightweight pursuit craft.

The speeders look.... well, they look very strange, far from the Luke's streamlined, classic car-shaped land speeder, or the bike-like speeders we saw on Endor. No, these speeders look more like someone tried to assemble an Ikea table but instead of a tabletop, they put one of the chairs upside down in the center. It's a hell of a design, and one which is sure to look very interesting when the police are chasing down Finn and Rose as they complete their mission to the infamous "casino planet."

Yep, that's what we're likely to see happen on Canto Bight. As far back as last year, leaked set photos depicted these speeders seemingly engaged in a high speed chase on Canto Bight. Thanks to multiple rumors, we already know that Finn and Rose's mission to infiltrate the First Order will first take them to Canto Bight, where they likely team up with Benicio Del Toro's mysterious character.

This nefarious fellow, rumored to be called "DJ," was spotted (in yet another leak) hanging around a jail cell set. This could mean that Finn and Rose meet him in jail after being caught in that high speed chase, or perhaps the police are chasing after Finn, Rose, and DJ after they break him out. Or maybe this is all a heist scenario, and we still don't know the many cards that are in play.

In any case, all this news about Canto Bight/Cantonica is super exciting, as this is something we've never seen in Star Wars before. By blending a glamorous setting with a seedy criminal element, a casino awash with corruption and a high-speed speeder chase through the streets of an ancient, technology embellished city, Johnson truly has found something new to add to the saga. And the smart money's on Finn's mission being one of, if not the most enjoyable part of The Last Jedi.


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