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A new still image of Denzel Washington in his upcoming film 'the Equalizer' has been released. The film will be directed by , who directed Training Day in which also starred and won the Oscar for his performance.

The Equalizer is based on a late 80s television drama by the same name, however it has reportedly been altered slightly so the main character, Robert McCall, will better suit Denzel Washington. McCall is a former covert operative who goes vigilante to help those in need as an act of atonement.

Check out the still, courtesy of Hey U Guys:

Denzel Washington as Robert McCall

The film was written by and will also star as a young prostitute in need of help and as a Russian mobster Washington inevitably gets mixed up with.

Honestly, I have never seen an episode of this program, so I dug up a great compilation video for you all in case you have never heard of it before. It kind of feels like a muscled up Murder, She Wrote, with a few great one-liners tossed in for good measure:


Not to take up too much of your time, but I discovered (what an awesome name by the way) was also an accomplished singer who released 12 albums! In one episode he put his voice on display:


I hope we can get a moment like this out of Denzel!

The Equalizer is set for release on September 26th, 2014

(source: slashfilm)

So now I need to know, can Denzel Washington possibly fill Edward Woodward's shoes?


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