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Sophie Atkinson

Remember that madcap viral campaign by the marketing geniuses at You're Next HQ? Unless you're Don Draper or you worked on Cloverfield, the suits in movie marketing roles don't usually get much acclaim for their creativity, but this was off the wall: they put the animal-masked killers from You're Next into posters from other horror movies, so you had to look twice to be sure what film it was advertising. They also used the popular Facebook pages for The Cabin in the Woods, The Possession, Dredd, Saw and The Last Exorcism and altered the headers to show the masked killer just as they did with the posters.

Remember these?

Now they've done the same thing with the behind-the-scenes pics of the hotly anticipated [REC 4] Apocalypse. Check it:

I love this: it's an unusually playful marketing strategy for a genre more usually known for its dark side. Are you a fan of this sort of advertising? Or is it just too gimmicky for your tastes? Let me know below.


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