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A few first-look images of the monster in XLRator's Under the Bed have surfaced online, and at first glance, the creature is a little less creepy-crawly, a little more vicious and terrifying. VX artist Vincent Guastini's creation has definitely seen better days...and could use a few days in the sun. 's new monster flick reads like two parts horror movie, one part family drama:

Every child knows about the monster under the bed—Neal Hausman’s mistake was trying to fight it. Neal (, Chasing Mavericks) has returned from a two-year exile following his tragic attempt to defeat the monster, only to find his father ticking ever closer to a breakdown, a new stepmother who fears him, and his little brother Paul (, Green Lantern, Changeling), terrorized by the same monster. While Neal and Paul work together to try and fight the nocturnal menace, their parents are taking desperate measures to get the family back to normal. With no support from their parents, the brothers have nothing to rely on but each other, and courage beyond belief.

Shock Till You Drop scored the new pics, and they're pretty awesome. With all the SFX being pumped into movies these days, it's nice to see some really solid practical effects work still being done.

The eyes are saying, "I'm going to eat your soul," but the mouth is saying, "LLllllladies..."

XLRator Media is releasing Under the Bed on July 19th.


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