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(WARNING: The following contains a deleted scene that would originally have been located a fair chunk of the way into Warner Bros' Suicide Squad, and can this be considered to contain mild SPOILERS. Proceed with caution, and all that.)

Now, the full theatrical version of ' isn't exactly the most family friendly of films, with plenty of bloodshed, uncorrected misogyny and general superpowered psychopathy on display for all to see, but it seems that its previously unreleased may well be set to double down on its darkness, all the same. That, at least, is the overriding impression given by the latest such clip from Suicide Squad's upcoming extended edition to be released onto the wide and woolly web.

Not least because...

This New Suicide Squad Deleted Scene Shows A Darker Side To Harley Quinn

[Suicide Squad/Warner Bros.]
[Suicide Squad/Warner Bros.]

Or, perhaps more accurately, a differently dark side to 's distinctly disturbed . Specifically, one that is less interested in messing with authority figures and Batmen, and more totally down for passive aggressively bullying a crocodile man with severe body image issues:

Which, on the one hand, makes Harley Quinn a massive tool, but on the other, arguably makes her character all the more interesting. After all, by hinting at a wide-reaching (and presumably partly trauma-induced) sociopathy within Quinn, the scene suggests a more complex emotional being than much of the theatrical version did. Which, combined with Robbie's ability to sell the role (irrespective of the quality of the script given to her) makes it an intriguing — albeit unsurprisingly expendable — scene.

And that's before we even get to the new footage of Harley and that recently emerged:

What do you think, though? Do the deleted scenes above redefine Harley Quinn's role in Suicide Squad for you? Let us know below!



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