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Supergirl has had her share of defending Earth from various sinister villains, such as Maxwell Lord, Livewire and Reactron, to name a few. Now, she is going up against one of Superman's super foes, General Zod, as reaches its season finale. As Supergirl continues to roll out the punches, the show is going to have to up the ante and bring in some big guns from Superman's past. This time, it is Mark Gibbon who takes up the mantle of the evil warlord, and gives his spin on General Zod.

In recent news, there have been some various set pictures, and we've been able to get a peek at the upcoming Supergirl episodes featuring Superman (Tyler Hoechlin). Twitter user @ThemysciraBound took a few pics and gave us the first look at Mark Gibbon as General Zod.

Here we have giving his best "mean face" as he attempts to shoot heat vision from his eyes. Behind him sits a smashed up car that could be collateral from some sort of battle going on between Zod, and Supergirl.

In another post, there's a video of Mark Gibbon (dressed as General Zod) giving us his view of the people of Earth. Just from this statement alone, Zod must have other plans for Superman and Supergirl. It sounds like he could care less about the humans standing in his way.

What's interesting is 's wardrobe design for their version of General Zod. This Zod does not have the heavy armor like Michael Shannon's Zod in Man of Steel, nor is Mark Gibbon wearing the robe-like outfit that Terrance Stamp wore in Superman II. Instead, CW is opting to give their General Zod a more military officer look instead of a battle-ready warrior or a Zod with a more regal appearance.

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What do you think of General Zod's look? Who do think played the best General Zod?


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