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November just can't get here fast enough. Along with the return of Thor, the unity of the Justice League, and another magical journey from Pixar, comes the newest, and most intrepid adaptation to date of Agatha Christie's . The film has finally dropped a new trailer that really amps up the terror and excitement for what was already certain to be one exciting ride.

The remake, or re-adaptation, has been brought to life by the acclaimed director of Thor, Cinderella, and the upcoming Artemis Fowl, . The director also stars in the picture as none other than iconic mustachioed master detective, a beloved name among fans and the many tales from Agatha Christie, Hercule Poirot.

Much like the 1974 film, Branagh has brought together a cast of Hollywood icons and burgeoning stars like the world has never seen. The new trailer showcases all of them in compromising positions, deeply entrenched in suspicion and terror, which only serves to increase the already high levels of anticipation. Check it out below:

The cast, boasting some truly enviable names, includes Judi Dench, , Josh Gad, , and , among many, many others. The stakes are heightened in this new trailer, showcasing some of the suspense and action we can look forward to that was absent in the first released teaser.

The 1974 cast also included Hollywood heavyweights such as Lauren Bacall, Vanessa Redgrave, Albert Finney, Sean Connery, and Anthony Perkins. That film went on to receive both critical and commercial acclaim, grossing 35 million on a budget of 1.4 million in adjust dollars. It also scored six Oscar nominations including Best Actor, Supporting Actress, and Best Adapted Screenplay, winning one.

So, as many can see, this film has some pretty big shoes to fill. Given Branagh's history with other remakes such as Cinderella, it's rather safe to say this film is in the best of hands. And if there's any chance of this film receiving the same or even better acclaim as the original, Branagh is definitely the man with the exceptional capability to make that happen. Starring alongside such an impressive cast can only add to his determination to make Murder on the Orient Express one of the most beloved and successful Christie adaptations of all time. Hopefully, he won't let her (or us) down when the film releases in November.

Murder On The Orient Express will welcome you aboard, in theaters, on November 11, 2017


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