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With The Avengers gradually fading into the sunset after its incredible box office success, Marvel's Phase Two is already well underway... Which could mean nothing else other than that fanboy speculation for The Avengers: Age Of Ultron is in full swing.

After seeing a glimpse of that massive purple man during The Avengers mid-credits, we suspected that round two of the team's appearance might see them have more to deal with than just 's Loki. If it's the case that Thanos will pop up in the superhero sequel, then we wish the Avengers team all the best: our latest findings reveal some terrifying Thanos-centric concept art and a close-up of the mid-credits surprise from the last movie.

Check it out here, via ComicBookMovie:

That Thanos art is awesome, no? I like that great looking armor/suit. I am DEFINITELY looking forward to seeing him in Guardians of the Galaxy and future Marvel movies. Every time I see the Mad Titan, I get goosebumps. His face in the first image is pretty scary, especially the eyes. Plus, he's nothing if not accurate; it looks like he jumped off the pages of the comic books. Hats off to the design team at Marvel.

In The Avengers 2— following set-ups in Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier— Earth's mightiest heroes reunite to save the world from Thanos, its deadliest threat yet. As far as the tenuous relationships between the Avengers go, director says "it is the beginning of something complex and difficult". Let's hope that the superhuman physiology of Thanos can be defeated one way or another.

You can check out more concept art, behind-the-scenes videos, and fight choreography, here. What are your thoughts on the close-up of Thanos? Where do you want to see him appearing, and what would you like to see him smash up? Drop your comments below...


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