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Details about The Last Jedi have been scarce with Lucasfilm tossing only the smallest scraps of info to further whet the appetites of hungry fans. The release date of the upcoming film is looming closer and as Master Yoda might say, much to learn we still have.

Earlier in the year, we got our very first look Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron, but it was courtesy of a small image for toy packages.

In preparation for Star Wars Celebration - which begins April 13 - the Star Wars: Force For Change website has revealed a batch of new merchandise which includes a larger reveal of the trio as they'll appear in the upcoming film. Check out a few of the promotional images below.

This pin for the Force for Change charity was also released, which features Poe, Rey and Finn together once again:

At first glance, the images might not look like much of a reveal, but there are a few details that stand out after a closer inspection. For starters...

Rey's New Outfit

Her garments appear to incorporate a lot of black fabric into the design, which is very reminiscent of Anakin Skywalker's from Attack of the Clones.

[Credit: Lucasfilm]
[Credit: Lucasfilm]

Before you get your crazy-theory hats on, though, this doesn't mean Rey is a reincarnation of Anakin Skywalker. However, it could signify a big transformation for the character. Rey will be training with Luke in the film. Therefore it's possible he'll give her those new garments as she begins her preparation to become a Jedi.

One of the things fans are most excited to see is Rey's transition from a scavenger, waiting for her family, to a badass Jedi Knight. We could be witnessing the first stages of that transformation with this image.

Another interesting tidbit from the merchandise reveal is Poe Dameron. We've known for quite a while that he'll have a much bigger role in The Last Jedi than he had in The Force Awakens. And Disney is giving us proof of his larger involvement by including him in the promotional material.

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If you want to get any of these incredible items, they'll be available during Star Wars Celebration. However, if you aren't able to attend, fear not, because the merchandise will be available in various Disney theme parks following the event, including Disneyland Park, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom Park.

The Last Jedi flies into theaters December 15, 2018.

What did you think about the new piece of concept art? Is Rey wearing Padawan garments? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: Force For Change]


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