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We are little under a year away from the release of Justice League and things are suspiciously quiet on this front. The last piece of news we had regarding Justice League was that Ciarán Hinds had been cast as Steppenwolf, the antagonist of the upcoming superhero team-up film.

Before the news of Steppenwolf, we had confirmation that would no longer be a two-part film and that the film would lose the "Part One" subtitle. Now, new evidence has surfaced that suggests the film will be receiving a new, and rather confusing, subtitle.

The Twitter account DC World has shown that a bust of Batman's armored cowl from reveals the possible official subtitle for Justice League: "Apokolips." Many fans will recognize this name as the planet ruled by Darkseid. With Steppenwolf and the Parademons confirmed as the antagonists for Justice League, it comes as no surprise that Apokolips will play a role in the upcoming film.

Apokolips as seen in Batman/Superman:Apocalypse
Apokolips as seen in Batman/Superman:Apocalypse

As well as referencing the barren planet, the title could also be referencing the Apocalypse, a biblical event that brings about the end of the world. A clever title, but also be a rather head-scratching one. For those who don't know what Apokolips is (and most don't), it could easily be confused with the title with 2016's . It could also be confused with the DC Animated Universe film Batman/Superman: Apocalypse, a film revolving around Supergirl first coming to Earth with Darkseid as the main antagonist.

Of course, this may just all turn out to be a hoax, and not just because it's far too similar to other recent superhero properties. There's also the fact that the armored Batman cowl being presented with the Justice League title isn't the new advanced battle armor is rather suspicious. It is unlikely that Warner Bros. would promote their new film with an older version of 's armor and not his updated look.

Batman's new tactical suit
Batman's new tactical suit

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Why would once again decide to change the name of their upcoming release is beyond me. The only way this would make sense would be if the title change was for the Justice League sequel which also lost its 'Part Two' sub-title. With the release of the film just under a year away, it will only be a matter of time for Warner Bros. to unveil their new title — if this turns out to be true of course.


What do you think of the new Justice League title?


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