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All children go through a phase where they think their parents are evil. But what would you do if you learned they were actually supervillains? That's the challenge facing a bunch of kids in Marvel's Runaways, a Hulu series inspired by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona's much-loved comic book series.

Releasing on November 21st, Runaways promises to be a comic-book-faithful adaptation of a classic series. Marvel's just released a second trailer that gives us a deeper glimpse into the series — check it out!

One Thrilling New Trailer

The opening sequence will be familiar to anyone who's watched the first trailer, but it swiftly moves on from there. Where the comics followed only the kids, this series promises to feature the adults as major characters in their own right. As a result, we see some ominous character arcs that look so very different to the ones from the comics. Most prominently, we see implications that the Pride have to find a new sacrifice, and it looks as though they have their sights set on one of their own children.

Fans will be equally thrilled to see so many hints as to the Runaways' powers. You have more of Karolina's breathtaking light-shows, a coloring effect created by Christina Strain, swiftly followed by a shot of Chase's Fistigons — powerful gauntlets that give him tremendous skills. Nico's Staff of One is in a place of pride, a mystic artifact that can be used to perform any spell once. Molly seems just as strong as she is in the comics. And then there are the tantalizing glimpses of Old Lace, the gang's pet dinosaur!

's Runaways is one of the most exciting TV series of the year. It's adapted from a classic comic book run, and with creator Brian K. Vaughan involved, it promises to be a wild ride. We're less than a month from release, and fans couldn't be more thrilled.

Runaways launches on November 21st on Hulu.


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