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The Last Exorcism Part 2 hits theaters March 1. While we've been awaiting it's arrival, we've already been marvelling at the super flexibility of star, .

Now there's a new trailer out, with more creepiness. Bell, who's indeed famous for her limber moves and ability to twist herself into a pretzel, does some back bends that seem freaky dangerous. Compared to the other nightmarish images, like the one with the precariously placed bed which looks like it might come crashing down on her at any moment, this trailer is pretty sedate:

(via Collider)

Gone is the found-footage mockumentary style of the first film, which followed a documentary crew chronicling the 'final' exorcism performed by charlatan preacher Cotton Marcus (). What we get now is something of a fresh start, shot in the format of a traditional horror flick, with a narrative now centering on young Nell Sweetzer (Bell), the possessed (or mentally ill?) girl from the first movie last seen giving birth to a hellspawn baby. Eww.

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