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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

One criticism you can't level at Europa Report: it's not one for excess.

Instead, this movie is low budget and seemingly with more of a taste for realism than the genre is known for. Dealing with the launch of the Europa One Spacecraft and the disastrous technical failure that then occurs, here's a new trailer to check out:


First of all, I LOVE . First District 9, and now this: he's got a thing for jumping on the sci-fi projects with a difference. And for that, he deserves applause. The found-footage flick looks like a nailbiter, and one (despite its setting) that remains firmly rooted in the human side o' things. The disaster of the Europa One Spacecraft looks, in short, pretty darn riveting.

It's no-frills sci-fi (that's still giving me the frills). It's already out on VOD and hits the U.S multiplex on August 2nd.

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