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Have you got some salt handy? Good, because you're going to need to be taking a pinch of it. Brazilian site, Omelete, has just got their mitts on some rather extensive spoilers for 's Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Now, although I am recommending caution in believing these spoilers, they do generally keep in line with what we've heard and expected. So, if you are someone who hates all potential spoilers, you might want to duck out now. Spoilers are below:

Four years after the Battle of Chicago, the government is using reverse-engineered leftover technology to build their own Transformers. Joshua () is an arrogant designer who believes the Autobots are "pieces of junk" and creating his own robots is a form of art. He's fills basically the same role as Agent Simmons from the previous trilogy.

Cade Yeager () is a widowed inventor who lives in a farm with his daughter Tessa (), unaware that she's dating a race car driver, Shane (). Cade finds a piece of Cybertronian technology and takes it back to his farm, but it is accidentally activated, leading the government and alien bounty hunters to his farm. The bounty hunters (it's unclear if they're connected to the Decepticons) have antigravity weapons which they use to abduct Tessa. In another scene, an entire transatlantic cruise ship is raised out of the ocean and crosses through a busy intersection while the protagonists are in the middle of a car chase.

is playing Darcy, Joshua's assistant and an archaeologist. Cade, Tessa, Shane, Joshua and Darcy are the main human characters, and the main subplot is Shane trying to prove his worth to Cade. Also, Cade addresses Bumblebee as "Bee" and calms him down when Joshua trash-talks him, indicating he might be Bumblebee's new owner.

's character, Savoy, is the leader of a team of agents sent by Harold Attinger () to capture the protagonists.

Of course, we know this won't be the limit of Transformer 4's scope. The movie will also feature scenes in China as well as Detroit, suggesting the action will almost certainly go intercontinental. For potential spoilers of what you can expect in China, head over to this article.

Transformers 4 is expected to receive its debut trailer during this year's Super Bowl. Perhaps that will elucidate some of what we've read here?

But let's pretend for a second these rumors are entirely true. How would you feel about this story? Let us know your opinion below.


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