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If I wasn't already excited enough to see mother!, this new TV spot sure did the trick. Since its announcement, Darren Aronofsky's forthcoming feature film has been shrouded in near total mystery. Even after the full trailer debuted, many were still plagued with confusion over what exactly the film is about. Well, thanks to this new tease, we may finally be able to shed some light on that.

! really is giving off some serious Rosemary's Baby vibes. I know it's super unlikely this film will follow the same plot and feeling, but bear with me. The heavy suggestions of family and children mixed with uninvited guests, blood coming out of all sorts of places, and what appears to be some kind of funeral, all lead me to believe it could have something to do with Lawrence's character's past with pregnancy and the future of her family. It also feels like the ambiguous title of the film is becoming a bit clearer now.

The new TV spot comes to us via Paramount Pictures UK, and it does not disappoint. The teaser showcases the uber terrified being badgered with questions from both her husband, , and whoever the hell is playing. That's right, we still don't know that. And that's okay.

The rest of tease provides many of the images we've seen already, but also spits out a few new pieces of dialogue that really put some emphasis on what's here. The questions Michelle Pfeiffer asks, "Why don't you want kids?", "Is it him?", and "Are you telling me the truth?" All seem to be sort of sticking to the line shouted by Bardem in the full trailer: "I'm just trying to bring life into this house!", which also has potential pregnancy tie-ins. We can see from the trailers that these "strangers" are clearly known to Bardem's character, something Lawrence realizes maybe a little too late.

Though I'm grateful for this new bit of footage, I hope Paramount stays the course of keeping this movie's plot as secretive as possible. In this age of cinema, the plot of movies is entirely too easily guessed because so much is shown in trailers. Thankfully we've less than a month to go until the full secrets of mother! are finally revealed, so let the speculation continue.

Mother! directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring Jennifer Lawrence, hits theaters on September 15, 2017.


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