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The trailer for Underworld: Blood Wars, the fifth entry in the series, just dropped and is looking to be everything fans of the series love. Check it out:

Although Awakening, the fourth entry, is often overlooked (and rightfully so), there will be returning faces including Theo James (where the heck is Michael?) and it would seem that the few events of the film will be carried over to Blood Wars.

Although the series, starring Kate Beckinsale as the steely-eyed Death Dealer has been critically panned, fans have remained loyal to its Gothic style and slick action. Even during the third entry and series prequel, Rise of the Lycans, from which Beckinsale was absent, which is arguably the series' strongest entry. The first two were great (as they could be) but Awakening, although an entertaining flick, ultimately let the series down with a forced plot, not really pushing the story along at all and absence of most of the series' main characters. It did however introduce an interesting dynamic by introducing the first half-breed child.

The Matrix Reloded (2003) / Via Warner Bros.
The Matrix Reloded (2003) / Via Warner Bros.

The series is very much a product of it's time - the late nineties/early 2000s - when slick neo-noir sci-fi/fantasy action flicks with lots of darkness, leather and long, flowing coats à la The Matrix and Blade were in fashion.

Will Blood Wars be able to revive the series and bring it back to it's dark glory?

Check out a breakdown of the best moments from the trailer here:

Image via Sony Pictures
Image via Sony Pictures

Underworld: Blood Wars is due for release on January 6, 2017.


Are you looking forward to 'Underworld: Blood Wars' and do you think it will be a successful return for the series?


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