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has been widely acknowledged as one of the best, if not the best actor alive today. With three Academy Award wins to her credit and a long list of countless other honors including Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards, honorary doctorates and more — Streep continues to be a role model for fledgling actors as well as staying busy with her ceaseless career.

Streep has snagged yet another nomination — her 20th — for her role as the titular Florence Foster Jenkins. Yep, she's as unstoppable as she is prolific, and given the attention that's been focused on her following her Golden Globes speech, now's as good a time as any to reflect back on Florence Foster Jenkins and look to see what the marvelous Ms. Streep has been up to recently and what she has planned over the next couple of years.

1. Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

Streep has signed on to play the role of Topsy, cousin to Mary Poppins, in this film based on the P.L. Travers book series. Topsy is in actuality Mary's cousin through marriage, having married Arthur Turvey, the cousin of everyone's favorite singing nanny. Yep, so that would make her Topsy Turvey.

The character Topsy doesn't appear in the original 1964 Disney film , but she does feature as a supporting character in the books. The film is currently in pre-production, with reports that Streep will be singing in this movie. It will be some time before we get a glimpse of Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins and Streep as Topsy, but Julie Andrews belting out "A Spoonful Of Sugar" is always a great way to round out one's day.

2. Baby Driver (2017)

Rumors are currently flying thick and fast about whether Streep is appearing in Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright's crime thriller Baby Driver, due out on August 11. Wright tweeted during the that Streep would be in his "new" movie, which everyone is widely assuming to be a reference to the upcoming Baby Driver. However, Wright swiftly deleted the tweet, and IMDb currently doesn't note Streep on the cast listing. Or could Wright be referring to his first animated flick Shadows, due out in 2019?

3. Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)

Here Streep is doing what she does best by stepping into the shoes of a real-life person and breathing new life into them. was a New York heiress who wanted to make it as an opera singer, but there was only one problem: Her notable lack of singing ability. With her British "husband" St. Clair Bayfield (Hugh Grant) and pianist Cosmé McMoon (Simon Helberg) at her side, Jenkins is determined to succeed, with the two men staying silent when it seems as though people believe that Jenkins is singing as part of a comedy routine.

Streep turns in a reliably awesome performance and what makes it that much more remarkable is that she does have some training as an opera singer. It takes talent to have skill as a singer and pretend as though you don't, and Streep pulls it off.

4. Shout Gladi Gladi (2015)

This documentary about obstetric fistulas in Africa and philanthropist Ann Gloag's efforts with the Freedom From Fistula Foundation features Streep as narrator. Co-director Adam Friedman had said that he'd hoped for a narrator of Streep's caliber, but didn't think she would be interested. He sent her a copy of the film at his sister's urging and heard from Streep's office soon after, with word that she felt the "need to get involved."

While Streep does not appear on screen, her distinctive voice lends the documentary a sense of gravity that Friedman admits was key to making it what it became.

5. Auschwitz (2015)

While this wrapped production in 2015, it officially debuted in April 2016. Again, Streep takes on the role of narrator, allowing the power of the Nazi death camp to almost speak for itself in this documentary short. There is little that hasn't been said about over the years, but this documentary is joining the ranks of others kept at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, and had its premiere before an audience of some 300 survivors of the camp.

Streep sets a somber, respectful tone for the Steven Spielberg-produced piece, reminding audiences that she isn't just about performing dramatic on-camera roles for the big screen. Sometimes there are more important things to do with your celebrity, and Streep knows how to make use of her visibility in order to stand behind a cause she supports.

6. Ricki And The Flash (2015)

Streep puts her singing talents to use once again in this tale of a mother-turned-rocker who returns to the family she left behind after her oldest daughter — played by her real-life daughter Mamie Gummer — attempts suicide. There are clear bridges both mother and daughter need to cross in order to find their way back to each other, and while the film is not always successful, it is a joy to watch Streep in a role that is somewhat outside her norm — that is, not a leader and certainly not a snide businesswoman.

Streep's an aging rocker whose children have no desire to reconnect with her and are openly hostile, and she plays that in such a way that many mothers must have connected with the character. All moms have had their moments where they make choices that pull them away from their kids, and sometimes their kids react badly. There's also no real resolution in this movie; while Ricki and her oldest daughter reconnect, it's not a full-blown happy ending as one might expect.

7. Suffragette (2015)

Streep once again demonstrates her incredible ability to slide into the skin of virtually anyone, by tackling the role of one of the leaders of the British suffragette movement. Some detractors might suggest that Streep wears her political leanings on her sleeve with her involvement in Suffragette, but as one of the most outspoken actresses of the 20th century as far as women's rights go, no one should be surprised that Streep would choose such a role. As Emmeline Pankhurst, the British leader of the suffragettes, Streep shines with a quiet dignity that continues to inspire those interested in fighting for women's rights.

Meryl Streep: A Living Legend Well Into The 21st Century

Regardless of the roles that Meryl Streep might take on, it's certain that she will continue to act as something of a beacon for many people. She continues to be a role model and and inspiration through her words and actions, both on screen and off. There is no doubt that she will continue to inspire in generations to come.

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