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Alisha Grauso

Viral marketing is big right now, real big. In the past few years, we've seen Hollywood marketing execs take the concept of a movie (or more specifically, a corporate entity or government body from that movie) crossing over into our reality and run with it, often in pretty cool ways.

Pacific Rim is no different, with the website for the Pan Pacific Defense Corps launching in November of last year, though it hasn't exactly been utilized to its full potential up to this point.

So it was pretty cool to see a new viral poster emerge from the PPDC end of things, another recruitment-style poster in the vein of the old World War-era posters.

I'm also getting a definite Starship Troopers vibe from these recruitment posters, no? Very cool, vintage-style posters here. Also, COMPLETELY unrelated, but while we're on the subject of things that remind us of other things, but does the United States Jaeger not totally seem like a nod to American superhero Iron Man?

Anyway, you have until July 12th to sign up for the PPDC, and then Pacific Rim smashes its way into theaters. How excited are you? Just normal excited or ALL THE EXCITED? Because there are pretty much no other options than those two, right? Right.


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