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Ciara Pitts

The wait for Wonder Woman is almost over, and anticipation is as vast as the oceans of Themyscira. Adding to the excitement, two never-before-seen clips from the movie have surfaced, which showcase just how powerful and formidable the Amazons of Themyscira truly are.

The first clip shows the Amazons, confident as ever, in the midst of battle with humans. Queen Hippolyta is unstoppable, and makes jumping off a horse look like no big deal. Watch the action-packed footage below:

The next clip places General Antiope front and center, showcasing her battle prowess in breathtaking slow motion. It's no wonder why the film's producer, Charles Roven, called her the greatest warrior of all time.

To become battle-ready, the actresses bringing the Amazons to life attended an arduous boot camp where they learned how to fight with swords, shields and bows. Clearly, it was worth it in the end — the women look like natural-born warriors. These latest clips of female badassery prove once again that Wonder Woman is loaded with potential — and if the early reviews are anything to go by, we're in for a treat when Wonder Woman hit theaters.

Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2. What are you most excited to see in Diana Prince's solo debut? Let us know in the comments below!


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