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On Saturday, . released the third trailer for Wonder Woman, titled 'Origins." The gave us a glimpse into the story, showing us Diana as a young girl progressing through her training and blossoming into a fine young warrior princess. We get a sense that the film will give us more of Themyscira than a few minutes in the beginning before Steve Trevor plops down onto the beach (and into our hearts).

Can't get enough? See it again here:

Through a montage of different imagery, we get slightly deeper glimpses, such as "jolly" old England, some action scenes and more of that sweet, sweet Etta Candy. Having all that said, for a trailer dubbed "Origins," we get a suspiciously little of her origin exposed. Obviously they aren't going to reveal everything in the trailer, which would be new practices for the studio (I'm looking at you, BvS), however, we are told that it is a mystery even to Wonder Woman herself.

"She must never know the truth about what she is," is often head in origin stories today, especially when the hero has a destiny to fulfill or has the potential to become evil by learning the secret. The problem with Wonder Woman in this instance is that she's had more than one origin.

A Gift From The Gods

'Wonder Woman' [Credit: DC Comics, Art by George Perez]
'Wonder Woman' [Credit: DC Comics, Art by George Perez]

In her original, and probably most famous incarnation, Wonder Woman was made from clay by her mother, Queen Hippolyta, and gifted life from the gods. Later versions would get a bit more specific, stating which attributes she received from which god, a la the wizard and .

This origin gives the character more of a Greek goddess story, as traditionally in Greek mythology, sex was a rarity (if ever used at all) in the creation of a god. It also somehow made the character a bit more special as she is seen as a gift from the gods as opposed to just another of their offspring.

The downside to this origin story is that it's a bit too similar to Superman's character sent from a higher power in order to benefit mankind. Not bad as far as origins go, but definitely lacks originality. Creator William Moulton Marston was even going to call her Suprema instead of Wonder Woman. I suppose "Superman with breasts" was a bit on the nose (as well as risqué) for the '40s.

She Is The Daughter Of Zeus

Wonder Woman leads the most bad ass female squad ever. [Credit: DC Comics, Art by Phil Jimenez]
Wonder Woman leads the most bad ass female squad ever. [Credit: DC Comics, Art by Phil Jimenez]

Recently, creators have taken to tweaking the origin of Wonder Woman to the delight/chagrin of many fans of the character. In the New 52, It was revealed that Zeus and Hippolyta formed the beast with two backs and created a demi-goddess in the form of Wonder Woman. This is certainly a more traditional origin for any character and gives a more familial sense of her relation to the gods. This also makes her sister to Ares, god of war, which will allow the film to check off sibling rivalry from the list.

Final Thoughts

Wonder Woman looks great and excitement is growing with each tidbit more we receive about the film. The action looks polished, the chemistry between and very believable, and the visuals look colorful and immersive. Whatever the origin the decides to use will in all likelihood not be a major factor on whether fans will enjoy/dislike the film. As long as it's not some dumbassery like she comes from the open pod from the Kryptonian ship from Man of Steel, I think we'll be OK.


Which origin would you prefer?

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2, 2017! Sound off in the comments below if you're excited!

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