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As we buckle down to prepare for the hardships of the winter months, over on the East Coast, the Big Apple has been playing host to New York Fashion Week, a whirlwind bi-annual event that highlights the crème de la crème of the fashion world and it's most stand-out influencers.

And as hundreds of editors, models and celebrities descend onto the red carpets of the city's most dizzying event, we're tracking the best (and most WTF) moments so you don't have to. Take your front-row seat to what's been going down below:

8. Bad Gal RiRi Zoomed Around On A Motorbike

made quite the splash while debuting her Fenty x Puma collection at NYFW. Against a delicious backdrop of pink hills, she had a flurry of motocross riders flinging themselves dangerously into the air all in the name of fashion. Then, as her show came to a close, she straddled a bike herself and blew kisses while performing a well-deserved victory lap, because she's Rihanna and why the hell not?

Time and time again, sweet Rhi proves herself to be the gift that keeps on giving and her her latest power move is everything and more.

7. Gigi Hadid Looked Like A Dancer Emoji

We've seen embrace a myriad of show-stopping looks over her time in the modeling limelight, but perhaps none was as eye-catching as her turn at the Prabal Gurung show as the infamous dancer emoji.

6. An 11-Year-Old Made Her Fashion Debut

It's not a common occurrence to encounter an 11-year-old who is far cooler than hundreds of NYFW attendees combined, which is why youngster Kheris Rogers is so very special.

Going from being bullied at school for the color of her skin to making history as one of the youngest designers to ever grace the prestigious catwalks of NYFW, this little girl certainly made an impact this year with her "Flexin' in my Complexion" clothing line.

5. Jim Carrey Gave The Most Bizarre Interview Ever

Despite the fact actor probably has zero fucks to give about the world of fashion, he was somehow coerced into attending NYFW. And he made his indifferent attitude known, especially when he was cornered by an enthusiastic E! News journalist on the red carpet.

After a bizarrely awkward game of "Dodge the Reporter," Carrey essentially shat on the entire event by saying he's only there "to find the most meaningless thing he could come to," before diving headfirst into some musing on why he doesn't believe in icons. Watch his cringe-worthy interview below:

Kudos to reporter Catt Sadler for giving it back and refusing to crumble under the tremendous weight of Jim's apathy.

4. Kim Kardashian Forgot Her Skirt, Because She's Kim

It's not exactly surprisingly really, but hot on the heels of unveiling a majestic nude of herself clambering all over a tree and rumors that she and Kanye are having a third child via surrogate, made quite the entrance at NYFW by getting her bottom out in what is essentially just a pair of sheer tights.

It was sensational.

3. Paris And Nicky Hilton Made Us Time-Travel Back To 2004

Also in attendance were high-fash heiresses Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton Rothschild, who perfectly positioned their blonde barnets in the front rows of all the major catwalk shows, giving us some seriously strong '00s vibes in the process.

Unfortunately however, there was a notable absence of Von Dutch hats, graphic tees and hot pink Juicy Couture sweats this time around.

2. There Was A Fashion Show Inspired By Vaginas

Those attending a catwalk show by designer Namilia from Berlin, Germany, were certainly in for a treat. Unveiled under the superb title "My Pussy, My Choice," the selection was a beautiful ode to lady bits and featured garments adorned with images of female genitalia. And while the parade of bulging textile clitorises and feathered vulvas flooded the runway — for reference, the dress shown above is called "The Wall of Vagina" — iconic Disney tunes such as "Someday My Prince Will Come" reportedly blared from the surrounding speakers.

According to the Post, the concept was heavily inspired by Denis Diderot’s 1748 story The Indiscreet Jewels, in which a sultan with a magic ring can make women's vajayjays "spill their amorous secrets."

1. Leslie Jones Lost Her Mind And It Was Incredible

Saturday Night Live host and all-round legend Leslie Jones sat in the front row of the Christian Siriano haute couture collection and judging by her overwhelming reaction to every single garment that was thrust onto the catwalk, she was living her best life. Cheering on Coco Rocha with a "YAS! Come on out" and "Woo! I love you," the actress instantly became the most awesome hype woman the world has ever seen.

Here she is losing her shit in an expression of infectious, pure joy:

Can someone please arrange for this magnificent woman to attend every single fashion show?

What has been your favorite NYFW moment so far?

(Source: New York Post)


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