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Sarah Gibson

Things are about to get a whole lot more undead up in here...

Amazon gave the go-ahead for the Zombieland television show pilot a while back, and now a trailer for the full pilot has been posted for all to see... What y'all waiting for?

(via CinemaBlend)

In an age where zombiepocalypse show The Walking Dead is a ratings bigshot, can Zombieland really compete? As much as I loved the movie, I'm not sure about that first look at the series... But, it's definitely got potential. What matters is that the writers are the same, so I hope it delivers.

As with all of Amazon's original programming, viewers will be able to vote on whether or not Zombieland will get picked up for a full season once the full pilot is released.

Will you be voting for the full season, or should this MADNESS end here?


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