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Right at the end of Episode 10 of The Walking Dead, we met three new characters. Fans of the comic books will know them right away: Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa and Eugene Porter.

This new trio may have a significant impact of the fates of the rest of the group.

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But what are the new characters like? And what will the future hold for our group, now in disarray?

Some hints have been given in an interview with , formerly of Southland, who plays Abraham Ford. Firstly, the actor explains, Abraham is "not to be fucked with. He will kill you."

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Perhaps more importantly, though, Cudlitz has revealed what Abraham's mission is. It is something that comic book fans have suspected for a while, but could the introduction of these characters mean the show is finally heading to Washington D.C.?

It looks likely. Cuditz said in the interview that his mission is to protect fellow newcomers Eugene. Why? Because:

Eugene has important information. Eugene needs to be protected and be brought to Washington, D.C.

This would seem to be the TV show following the direction of the comics - so do you think we will see the Capitol in this season? What about the 'Terminus' we saw a sign for, is that important, or just something to throw us off the scent? Write in below with your own thoughts about where the series will go next.

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