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When Hand leader Bakuto was murdered by Davos in Iron Fist following the former’s duel against ex-student Colleen, fans wondered if that was truly the end of him. Was he gone for good, or was he resurrected shortly after death, just as Harold Meachum had been? Well, after checking out the latest trailer for ’s The Defenders, it seems we finally have our answer. We can very fleetingly see Bakuto at 1:10 once more facing off against Colleen, in yet another sword fight (presumably) to the death.

Check out the second trailer below.

Strength By Intimidation

As one of The Hand’s most charismatic and esteemed figures, Bakuto was already terrifying and a force to be reckoned with prior to his resurrection. Like any high-functioning sociopath, he is smart and cunning, and highly respected as both leader and teacher; he always seems to know exactly what makes people tick — their hopes, dreams, fears, what have you — and how to use those to his advantage to recruit anyone he wants to his side. Because he knows how to make others feel special, people tend to very easily gravitate toward him, following his tenets without question.

Because of his impressive ability to bend anyone to his will and make them believe he is doing the right thing, he was made to become something of a recruiter for The Hand and, during his initial tenure, was able to recruit just enough young people to his side to form something similar to a school. Think Xavier’s School for the Gifted, except they’re all bad guys and not aware of it.

Colleen Wing facing off against her mentor in 'The Defenders' [Credit: Netflix]
Colleen Wing facing off against her mentor in 'The Defenders' [Credit: Netflix]

Colleen Wing herself had once thought the world of her mentor, having trusted him all her life. He had been the one to find her and give her existence purpose, and as a result she owed him a great deal. Her students regarded Bakuto with equal veneration.

Even Danny Rand easily fell victim to his whims and charisma in the beginning, finding it difficult initially to reconcile Bakuto’s levelheadedness with his insanity, his explicitly gentle nature with his cruel bloodlust. In the beginning, he too didn’t want to believe it was real.

The resurrected Bakuto as shown in 'The Defenders' [Credit: Netflix]
The resurrected Bakuto as shown in 'The Defenders' [Credit: Netflix]

As a warrior, Bakuto’s strength lies mostly in his tactical genius and his capacity to win any battle without having to fight for long or even shed any blood. True to his overall Machiavellian reputation, he uses charisma and intimidation, and his in-depth knowledge of human behavior, to bring enemies to their knees by either convincing or subtly coercing them to do what he wants; he has even mastered the art of staying calm in the thick of danger.

When push comes to shove however, Bakuto proves himself to be a capable enough fighter; not nearly as skilled as Danny, but still dangerous by himself when armed with a weapon — or when resurrected by The Hand.

More Dangerous Than Ever

Harold Meachum kills his assistant with an ice cream scoop in 'Iron Fist' [Credit: Netflix]
Harold Meachum kills his assistant with an ice cream scoop in 'Iron Fist' [Credit: Netflix]

The Hand has the power to bring back to life anyone that recently died in much more aggressive and dangerous ways. This plot device was utilized to great effect in the first season of Netflix’s Iron Fist, in which they resurrected the final act villain twice — once after dying from cancer, and another after being killed by his son, Ward. Every time he was brought back from the dead, Harold Meachum would become twice or five times as dangerous as the person he was prior to being killed. This made him doubly appealing to watch, despite being a last-minute villain.

Following Bakuto’s untimely death, there had been intense speculation among fans that he too was brought back from the dead shortly after being murdered. After all, we were never shown what became of his body after they had left it in the rain, and turns out our speculation was right. If we are to go by the scenes shown in the newest Defenders trailer, it seems that Bakuto was brought back to life by The Hand and, it can be assumed, also in much more menacing form.

The Defenders and Stick get ready to kick some ass [Credit: Netflix]
The Defenders and Stick get ready to kick some ass [Credit: Netflix]

It will be interesting to see how this more dangerous version of him will interact with all the new players, the , and all existing Marvel-Netflix characters combined. One thing’s for sure however, he won’t be gentle or playing subtle this time.

Are you excited for Bakuto’s return on The Defenders?


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