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The franchise has become an important part in its fans' lives beyond the theater screen. We've seen parents name their children after its characters, there's a Church of Jediism, and more. Star Wars fans have been incredibly dedicated over the generations. Recently, we got another awesome example of that dedication.

A Star Wars-Style Wedding

Jessica and Allen Bricker from Hoagland, Indiana, got married recently, and they made their wedding reception something truly special. It wasn't through a romantic dance or moving speeches, though. Instead, the couple went all out with their love of Star Wars and performed a fun lightsaber duel to the tune of 's 'Battle of the Fates.' Check it out:

The fight is quite interesting, in that it seems to merge aspects from different fights in the franchise, from Anakin Skywalker vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi to Rey vs. Kylo Ren. At the end, the couple shares a kiss, earning a loud applause from their friends and family.

As for how the impressive duel came to be, the couple spent months practicing it, but they spent only two weeks actually choreographing it. To make their event a surprise, they kept it secret from everyone.

If you thought this wedding couldn't have been more awesome, think again, because it could have. Turns out the newlyweds intended to have their big day on May 4, otherwise known as International Star Wars Day, but Jessica's mother was uncomfortable with the event taking place on a Thursday, as Allen Bricker revealed:

"We wanted to get married on May 4, but Jessica's mother wasn't having a Thursday wedding, so May 6 was the best we could do."

Still, as cool as their wedding taking place on May 4 would have been, it doesn't take away the awesomeness from their moment. Congratulations to Jessica and Allen Bricker. hits theaters on December 15, 2017.

What did you think about this awesome replacement for a wedding dance? What has been the biggest thing you've done to prove your love for Star Wars? Let me know in the comments!


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