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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Finally, some more solid details about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. CBM revealed a few tasty little nuggets of revelation, starting with the role of The Flash (Movie) in 's upcoming DC blockbuster.

The Flash will appear in Batman vs. Superman, but as Barry Allen, his regular guy guise. Wonder Woman will make a similar appearance, as a costume-less Diana. Apparently, Warner Bros. want to make the cameo of Barry Allen, but his role in the film is dependent on how popular he is in the TV series about The Flash (intended as a spin-off from hit series Arrow).

You think all that stuff's pretty cool? Wait until you hear what CBM had to say about Lex Luthor...

Snyder himself revealed that Lex Luthor's hatred of Superman will be focussed on a slightly more...humanitarian reason in Batman vs. Superman, arguing that Superman is bad for the human race. Snyder said 'Lex loves calling [Superman] an alien,' and will borrow character traits from the Lex portrayed in 's All-Star Superman.

CBM also described Lex Luthor as deeply invested in alternative science, imploring his workers at LexCorp to make Kryptonian armor, saying 'When the world realizes what he truly is, they will need someone to stand up to him.' CBM's source calls Luthor,

[T]he pride of Metropolis. The people love him, he's been helping out a lot. Even Lois thinks he's a good guy initially. He is a very smart man and has a lot of charisma.

The casting of Luthor has been the subject of much hot debate, but CBM reports that Lost's was never considered for the role, and The Following's actually turned the role down.

In more casting news, CBM said that Warner Bros. are having read with several actresses for Bruce Wayne's love interest in Batman vs. Superman, and are keen to cast an African-American woman in the role. She'll have a deep connection with Wayne, and even know about his secret superhero identity...

So, DC fans (and all you Marvel fans reading this secretly), what do you think about this outpouring of detail for Batman vs. Superman? Are there any plot twists and turns that you would like to see materialise, and any moves from Warner that you don't approve of in the process so far?



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