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Ever since Fantastic Beasts emerged into the open, theories about where the action will take us have been cropping up from all over the place. And now, a new addition to the seemingly endless list of speculation is gearing up to re-shuffle our perception of the movie's central character – .

Reddit user BridgetteBane recently posted an interesting little theory explaining some of Newt's odd behaviorisms. For those who have already seen , you will know that the wizard boasts some rather peculiar mannerisms, especially when he talks to people — he hunches, tilts his head down and often avoids eye contact with others. Ultimately, when faced with a social situation, he tries to make himself as small as possible.

Newt Scamander [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Newt Scamander [Credit: Warner Bros.]

However, while we may put all of the above down to Newt's meek temperament and general social anxiety, this Reddit theory suggests otherwise. According to BridgetteBane:

"This is the habit of a zoologist who is used to avoiding dominance displays and showing submission. He is using his body to communicate that he is submissive and harmless."

Newt Scamander is basically trying to make himself as non-threatening as possible — a trait that he essentially picked up over the years while earning the trust of magical beasts all over the world.

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However, that's not to say that the Magizoologist isn't able to assertively stand his ground when needed. In fact, on many occasions Newt shows that he can also be pretty quick and threatening with his wand — here's an example in a tense scene in Gnarlack's speakeasy:

Above, we first see Newt displaying his usual awkward traits — he tilts away from Gnarlack and avoids all eye contact during the mild confrontation. However, interestingly, as soon as the topic of Pickett being traded in comes up, he sits up and looks the goblin right in the eye as he assets his dominance of the situation.

So there you go, if you thought that Newt Scamander was merely an individual suffering from social anxiety, stand corrected. At the end of the day he is actually a Magizoologist who knows exactly how his body language can affect others.

Do you agree with this Fantastic Beasts theory?

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