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The Arrowverse crossover has become an annual staple of The CW's fall schedule. Beginning back in 2013 when veteran show Arrow crossed over with spinoff The Flash, the event would expand each year, eventually adding fellow spinoff shows Supergirl and Legends Of Tomorrow to the mix. This resulted in last year's huge "Invasion!" crossover, which ended up garnering incredibly high ratings for the network.

Thus, it's easy to see why fans are eagerly anticipating the next outing. And now we have some brand new details.

The CW has revealed that this year we will see a four-show crossover take place over two nights in November. The crossover event will kick off on Monday, November 27 with , which will be immediately followed by , before concluding on Tuesday, November 28, with and .

While Supergirl, The Flash and Legends will technically be airing as normal, it's interesting that The CW has moved universe originator Arrow from its brand new Thursday night time slot for that week. The show originally aired on Wednesdays, but the network has moved it to Thursdays this season, breaking up the nightly string of superhero shows.

However, for the crossover week, the Green Arrow has been paired with the Girl of Steel on the Monday night to kick off the crossover, ensuring that the network's are back together. Speaking about the decision to pair the shows up, the CW's president Mark Pedowitz stated:

"Last year’s crossover was our most successful week I believe in CW’s history. We felt that in this particular case, we already had Flash and Legends paired. It would be better and tighter in terms of storytelling to make it like a two-night, two-hour miniseries. We thought this was a tight, concise way of doing it. Next year, we may go back to four nights."

Supergirl Joins The Fun

The fact that Supergirl has been paired with Arrow on Monday doesn't just ensure that that the crossover will air uninterrupted, it confirms that the Girl of Steel's show will indeed be directly involved in the crossover this year. While the Supergirl/Kara Danvers character was involved in last year's "Invasion!" crossover, the show itself was not technically included as it takes place on a separate Earth; Kara was recruited at the conclusion of a Supergirl episode, and this scene was later recycled in The Flash.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg had suggested that they were hoping to include the cast and characters of Supergirl this year in a true four-show crossover. And the new four-show, two-night arrangement confirms the show's inclusion. After the superheroes of the CW provided the network with stellar ratings during the crossover last year, it's easy to see why they're being brought together for another one. However, it will be interesting to see just how the shows fare when they're grouped together across two nights instead of being spread out across four.

But you can bet that all of us will be tuning in to see how the residents of National City kick the crossover off before the Emerald Archer brings things back to Earth-1. After an alien invasion brought the heroes together last time, just what on earth will be bad enough to reunite them?

Are you looking forward to the two-night superhero crossover on The CW? Let us know in the comments below!

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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