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Back in the golden era of Star Trek, fans were spoiled for choice, with spinoffs overlapping on TV as the original, then Next Generation crews took their adventures to the big screen. With the first show airing in the late 1960s, and the last show ending in 2005, Star Trek really was a titan of media —until it disappeared, with only JJ Abrams' controversially rebooted movies to keep the dream alive. It may have taken over a decade for Trek to boldly go back to TV with Discovery, but it looks like we'll be rewarded for our patience with not just one, but potentially two new Star Trek shows (not to mention this Galaxy Quest-esque spoof).

A New Star Trek Project

The possible new show doesn't have a name yet and, to be fair, it may not even be a TV series. In an exclusive interview with TrekMovie, Nicholas Meyer (Wrath of Khan, The Undiscovered Country) teased another Trek project that he's been working on, in addition to his writing and producing duties on .

"One thing that has nothing to do with 'Discovery' is that I am working on another 'Star Trek' project, but I can’t discuss that either."

Refusing to reveal any details about this mysterious project, Meyer vaguely hinted that it might be in the realm of television, or even film. As his first foray into the weird and wonderful universe of Star Trek was his work on the movie Wrath Of Khan, it's entirely possible that Paramount have reached out to Meyer to work on the potential Star Trek 4 — whose existence is currently in limbo after Beyond's disappointing box office take.

Considering the bad blood between Paramount and CBS, it seems more likely that Meyer's new Star Trek project would be part of the TV franchise. So, a Discovery spinoff show? That would be jumping the (phaser) gun a bit, considering that the show hasn't yet aired, but this wouldn't be the first time that networks have started shopping scripts for franchise development early on in the game. With a universe as vast as Star Trek's, there's ample room for both Discovery and another show to exist, especially if the next spinoff is set post-Voyager — which is something many, many fans want to see.

Of course, there are plenty more things that Meyer could be working on, like a Star Trek book, comic, or even a video game. Meyer has never written a Trek novel before, but he has penned a fair few books in his day, so maybe he's looking to cross a personal Trek frontier. The IDW Star Trek comics are doing very well, so it's not a stretch to imagine that Meyer might write a tie-in comic for Discovery.

The most exciting prospect of these options is a new video game — Trek has had a few games in the past, some good and some terrible, but in recent years most of the games have been relegated to PC. A multi-console game set in Discovery era would allow fans to really explore this world, finding differences with and connections to The Original Series, and speculating about how this ties into the plot of the show. However, with no experience in writing video games, it would certainly be surprising if this is what Meyer's working on.

Or maybe Meyer's project is nothing to do with any of these options. In any case, it's exciting to know that a master of Trek has plenty of irons in the fire, and we can't wait to see what Meyer's cooking up this time.


What do you hope Meyer's working on?

(Source: TrekMovie via io9)


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