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Normally, rom-com movies like Cuban Fury don't seem all that exciting, but with a cast this good and a premise that apparently makes room for a lot of dance-based brutality, the movie from Up All Night's looks like it might be well worth checking out.

Starring Parks and Recreation's , Bridesmaids' , and (whom you know as 's sidekick from The World's End's and Shaun of the Dead). The movie centers on Frost's protagonist named Bruce, and his attempt to reignite his passion for salsa dancing to impress the girl of his dreams at the office, played by Jones. But, as you can see, trouble is lurking in the form of his office nemesis, Drew:

Video: Cuban Fury trailer

(via /Film)

As comedic as it is to see Frost dancing, the best part of that was what we saw of his relationship with O'Dowd, who is clearly a bona fide douchebag.

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