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They say that revenge is a dish best served cold — but judging by 's insane levels of vengeful depravity, this approach is severely outdated. In one of the most shocking law cases in modern history, Loeb, one of the wealthiest business men in America and a budding Republican politician, has decided to bring the wrath of a thousand men scorned upon his ex-fiancé, the Modern Family star , by attempting to give life to their unborn fetuses, the recently named 'Emma' and 'Isabelle.'

And why does he want to do this you ask? Well, so they can claim their colossal inheritance of course! What better reason is there to giving two unwanted embryos the sacred gift of life so as to give them both a huge wad of cash!? But before we go any further, let's rewind to work out just quite how we got to this deranged point.

So, To Begin, This Man:

Used To Be Engaged To This Woman:

But like all good things, their five year relationship came to an end in 2014, however, only after they had had some of their embryos frozen. From here, Sofia went on to date her now-husband Joe Manganiello and Nick was left festering in a bitter pit of resentment.

Roll on a year later and Nick comes back from the murky depths of heartbreak with an inspired plan of vengeance: He will take the embryonic by-product of their destroyed relationship and create two new human babies born of spite! The only problem? The couple signed a legal document that the embryos could only be implanted into a surrogate if both parties agreed to it, which, unsurprisingly, Sofia did not.

Nick Then Sued For Custody Of Their Unborn Spawn

Claiming that he couldn't bear the idea of leaving "his children in a freezer," Nick decided to sue Sofia for custody of their unborn sproglettes.

According to a new court filing which has emerged, back before the fighting started in March 2013, Nick sent Sofia a message which stated: "You can’t keep four frozen lives forever or kill them, we will go to hell." Not one to take Biblical blackmail lightly however, Sofia responded with:

"We're going to hell regardless. I'm doing it because I want you to have a baby.”

[Credit: Today Live]
[Credit: Today Live]

However a year later, when Nick was suing Sofia for the right to the "frozen lives," Sofia's lawyers really put a spanner in the works when they revealed that two of Nick's previous girlfriends had had abortions and the case was, temporarily, dropped.

However, Nick just couldn't let it lie, being quoted in The New York Times as stating:

“Shouldn’t a man who is willing to take on all parental responsibilities be similarly entitled to bring his embryos to term even if the woman objects?”

Then Nick Named The Embryos & Filed For Lawsuit Number 2

Having failed to win the lawsuit as just Nick v Sofia, Nick (or rather, Nick's crack lawyer team) decided to go back to court but with a whole new case, this time framed as Sofia v the unborn embryos. Filed in Louisiana, this new case has given the ex-couples' embryos the names of "Emma" and "Isabelle" and the argument is that by refusing to give them life, Sofia is robbing them of their inheritance.

Yes, this is actually happening. According to Page Six, sources have claimed that the prosecution:

"Asks that the frozen embryos be given to Loeb so that they can live and receive the trust set up for them, which would fund, among other things, their health care and education."

And The Trial Continues

And this brings us up to date with the Sofia-Nick-Embryo nightmare which is currently unravelling. Quite where the lawsuit is going to go next is literally anybody's guess. Here's hoping Nick can get the closure he needs to move on and spend his energy trying to create children in loving, welcome environments as opposed to bringing them into a world of bitter spite and legal battles.


Does Nick have a right to bring Emma and Isabelle into the world?


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