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OH. MY. GOD. Tantalizing with such tasty tamales just isn't fair! The masterfully minxy Minaj is a severe threat to the polar ice caps because she is just about the hottest thing known to mankind in this barely there boulder holder. The phrase 'va va voom' was clearly coined for this vampy little ultra-vixen.


I know i say this a lot, but DAT ASS. Its like two watermelons nestled in a spandex prison. Thank god the poor thing has some windows so it doesn't get claustrophobic. I would hate for such an exquisite creation to endure any sort of trauma. I just want to keep it safe and gently stroke it while I'm watching TV. IS THAT SO WRONG?!

Oh Nicki, you are the most booty-ful unicorn of sultry spitters. I love your rap and I love your rangoons. Be my valentine!

(Source: Drunken Stepfather)

(Images: Drunken Stepfather via Instagram )


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