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Celebs love to show off their altruism, usually in the form of visiting children's hospitals or donating their entire pay checks to charity. Such acts of goodwill are awesome and show us that the rich and famous really do care about us little guys — especially when they come out of nowhere.

One such star is , who broke Twitter by offering to pay tuition fees for anyone who tweeted at her on the condition — you better be able to prove you got good grades! And it's not just tuition either, she's also offered cash for books, equipment, and other things that make college a financial strain.

It all started with a competition Nicki was holding in collaboration with the app, where fans could rap along to Minaj's new single 'Regret In Your Tears' and win an all expenses paid trip to come and hang out with her — pretty cool, right? However, when Nicki bragged that she makes enough money to fly one lucky fan out from anywhere in the world, one cheeky twitter user called her out on it.

Not wanting to be shown up after bragging about how much $$$ she earns, Nicki then offered up her cash for kids who needed help paying their college tuition.

And she seems pretty serious about following through:

This particular act of kindness isn't off-brand for the rapper who has always been an advocate for education, telling fans at shows and on TV that they should stay in school and work hard — a sentiment aimed at young girls and women in particular.

Nicki Minaj talking to Sophia Grace and Rosie on 'Ellen' [Credit: CBS]
Nicki Minaj talking to Sophia Grace and Rosie on 'Ellen' [Credit: CBS]

It's clear that there's more to the 'Super Bass' star than colorful wigs and throwing shade, and this recent twitter stint is tangible proof of that. So far she has promised thousands of dollars to over 30 college students. The only catch is that you need straight A's!

Oh, and if you missed out on this round of altruism, keep an eye on Minaj's twitter account in the next month or two, and you might be in luck!

Do you think celebs should be open about their charitable works, or keep them secret? Let us know in the comments.


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