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Even though it's been years since we bid farewell to all of Will's shenanigans in Uncle Phil's Bel Air house, we still refuse to let go of the '90s TV extravaganza that made muddy Air Jordan VIIs a fashion must and loud Skidz pants a vital wardrobe necessity. Oh, and let's not forget that catchy theme song:

When the Banks family finally decided to move away in the final episode back in May 1996, we were left heartbroken. Yet, over the years, we have kept a watchful eye on some of the show's most beloved characters and the actors that brought them to life.

In particular, we witnessed Will Smith's fast climb to superstardom, mourned James Avery's sad passing and marvelled at Alfonso Ribeiro's amazing ability to still perform "The Carlton Dance" with flawless precision at a moment's notice. Having said that though, one character that we've somewhat failed to keep tabs on is Lil Nicky – Will's little cousin and Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv's youngest son.

Although Ross Bagley's character didn't make an appearance until Season 3, when he was "born" into the show, he became one of the most adorable personalities on The Fresh Prince between 1994 and 1996. Here's a nostalgic sample of him groovin' with Carlton:

Naturally though, as expected, Lil Nicky is not so little anymore and a far cry from the fresh-faced 8-year-old we knew him by at the end of the series. In fact, Ross Bagley is now 27-years-old and is a proud daddy to an adorable son. Check out grown-up Nicky with an actual Lil Nicky of his own below (yes, that's the real name of his 3-year-old!):

Big Nicky + Lil Nicky = the most adorable father-son combo I have ever seen.

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What Has Ross Bagley Been Up To Since The Fresh Prince?

Well, alongside raising a beautiful little boy, actor Ross Bagley isn't really making the solid impact on the entertainment industry that we thought he once would. Though, that's not to say he's completely fallen off the industry radar since his two year stint on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Following on from his adorable performance on the TV show back in the '90s, he did in fact appear in classic kids show The Little Rascals as Buckwheat and also landed the role of Dylan in Independence Day. Years later, he enrolled at the California State University to do a degree in cinema and television arts before finally reappearing in two projects in 2015 — Gnome Alone with Verne Troyer and horror Dead Ringer.

Hopefully his involvement in these two movies signals his gradual return to the industry. And who knows, maybe his own Lil Nicky can come along for the ride too?


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