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Over the years, Nicolas Cage has become more than a mere actor or celebrity; he has become an icon. He has become part of the pop culture lexicon — mostly for being absolutely bonkers. His body of work is a mixed bag of Oscar-winning performances and cringe-worthy films, which makes him even more confounding. Regardless of his increasingly poor career choices, fans still love Cage unconditionally, and they are often rewarded for their admiration.

Nicolas Cage [Credit Wikimedia Commons]
Nicolas Cage [Credit Wikimedia Commons]

For the past 4 years, the Alamo Drafthouse has hosted an event called ‘C4GED 4-EVER’. This is a movie marathon where they pick 4-5 Nicolas Cage films every year, and watch them back-to-back. Since its conception, the organizers of the event have had an open invitation for Nicolas Cage to appear, but he was a no-show. However, this year Cage-Mas came early for fans, as he graced the audience with an appearance, and gave them a memorable moment as well.

Nicolas Cage Reads Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Tell-Tale Heart'

Nicolas Cage may be one of the most erratic Hollywood figures alive, but he is always sincere. Cage prefaces his reading of ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ by saying that Poe’s work influenced him as a child, and was the reason he wanted to become an actor. He also states that the emotion in Poe’s work was a source of inspiration for his most manic performances.

Cage’s reading starts off slow, and seems like any normal actor reading a standard screenplay. He slowly builds tension, becoming slightly more manic with each passing line. His love of the work is ever present, and he slowly melds with the words, as the mild-mannered man who told fans of his youth slowly becomes the Nicolas Cage we have all come to know and love.

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He gets to the portion of the piece where Poe begins to describe dismantling the body that had been killed by the unnamed narrator. At this point, we are on the cusp of experiencing full-blown Cage. He continues and grows louder and louder. By the end, Cage is reduced to a frenzy of raw emotion and screaming until his voice is hoarse. The audience erupts in applause, and for a moment we remember that under all of Cage’s crazy performances, there is a great actor.

For The Love Of Cage

Nicolas Cage’s appearance at the Alamo Draft House is a great reminder of why he is beloved by fans. He does appear in bad movies quite often, but there is always a sincerity behind his performances. Nicolas Cage has taken a place in pop-culture that was once held by Chuck Norris – meaning that he has transcended his acting, and become something else entirely.

Cage shows up all over the interwebs as memes, GIFs, and pretty much any picture someone can Photoshop him into. As you can see in the tweet above, someone has flawlessly transformed him into several Disney princesses, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He’s been photoshopped into innumerable films, and his face even adorns a very popular pillow cover.

Unlike many people, Nicolas Cage takes his ribbing with grace. As we saw above, he accepts how he is viewed and never tries to be something else. For this reason, he has become a public figure that blurs the line between silly and serious. He can go “Full Cage”, or he can give a sincere and honest performance. These facts make him endearing to fans, and are the reasons he will be relevant for years to come.

At the end of the day, Nicolas Cage showed up at a movie marathon based around his films, because it’s what the fans wanted. He loves his fans, whether they are ironic or sincere. He read a short story that was close to his heart, and even prefaced the reading by poking fun at his past performances. It’s easy to see why he has grown in popularity over the years, and how he doesn’t take it for granted. Nicolas Cage’s film Arsenal is available now on VOD, and if you don’t like that, he has 5 other films in post-production — you can’t stop the man from working!

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