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Thanks to films like The Wicker Man remake and both Ghost Rider movies, Nicolas Cage has become an acting legend - but not for the reasons one might expect. Due to his unique brand of overacting, Cage has gained a fandom that eats up every performance he gives, no matter how over-the-top he gets.

His next movie, Arsenal, will definitely please this niche audience.

This time around, Cage won't play a lovable underdog as he did many times in the past, but he will bring a ruthless drug lord to life through means of yelling and unleashing uncontrollable bouts of violence.

Cage Is The Danger

John Cusack in 'Arsenal'
John Cusack in 'Arsenal'

In Arsenal, JP Lindel (Adrian Grenier) must save his older brother Mikey (Johnathon Schaech) from a life of crime and the dangers it brings. When Mikey is kidnapped by the crime boss Eddie King (Nicolas Cage) after he fails to pay a massive debt, JP joins forces with the detective Sal (John Cusack) to rescue his brother in an action packed fight for redemption.

Arsenal is directed by Steven C. Miller, whose previous works include the Silent Night, Deadly Night remake (simply titled Silent Night) - a film that featured a flamethrower-wielding Santa Claus. Miller's next movie also stars Cage's older brother Christopher Coppola in a supporting role.

Check out the trailer for Arsenal below.

If not for the inclusion of big names like Cage and Cusack, Arsenal would have been dismissed as another generic B-grade action movie destined for a video store's bargain bin, or a drunk Netflix viewing. What makes Arsenal special though is that it is a sequel of sorts to a movie from 1993.

The '90s Are Back

'Deadfall' cast: Biehn, Trigger and Cage
'Deadfall' cast: Biehn, Trigger and Cage

The movie in question is Deadfall, which was coincidentally directed by Cage's older brother. Michael Biehn and Sarah Trigger headlined the movie, while Nicolas Cage, James Coburn, Peter Fonda and Charlie Sheen played supporting roles. Deadfall currently has a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

In Deadfall, Cage plays an eccentric, aggressive and incredibly foul-mouthed con-man named Eddie who sadly dies halfway through the movie. For many, Deadfall lost steam the moment Cage's character bit the dust.

Check out Eddie's best in the highlight reel below.

Not only does Cage play a character named Eddie in Arsenal who is a dead-ringer for his Deadfall role in name, looks and personality, but Arsenal's director all but confirmed that they are in fact the same person. Check out the confirmation below from ScreenCrush's Editor-in-Chief, Matt Singer.

While this may not make sense given Eddie's unfortunate demise in Deadfall, it's possible that Miller and Cage paid homage to Deadfall's Eddie in a way similar to how Quentin Tarantino incorporated the legendary martial arts master Bak Mei (or Pai Mei, in Romanized Mandarin) in Kill Bill: Volume 2.

Either that, or Arsenal takes place in a parallel timeline where Eddie survived the events of Deadfall and went on to become a ruthless criminal kingpin.

Left to right: Eddie in 'Deadfall' and 'Arsenal'
Left to right: Eddie in 'Deadfall' and 'Arsenal'

Whether or not this will give birth to a Nicolas Cage Shared Universe (NCSU), it's still interesting to know that Arsenal is proudly referencing a relatively forgotten movie that only became relevant because of Cage's antics and freak-outs.

Uncaged Insanity

Arsenal is not the only recent movie that featured Cage at his craziest and used it as a selling point. Last November, Cage starred in a movie where he hunted the terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan after God (played by Russel Brand) told him to do so. The movie is Army Of One, and it's currently available on Video-On-Demand (VOD).

Check out the trailer for Army Of One below.

Cage's next movie may be a far cry from his Oscar-nominated days, but it's bound to give viewers yet another eccentric performance worthy of the actor's newfound internet legacy. Arsenal's surprising connection to a forgotten movie from the '90s only makes it more interesting, guaranteeing a cult hit in the making.

Either way, seeing Eddie from Deadfall make a comeback in some disposable B-movie fun is going to be a crazy way to start off the new year.


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