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Abi Toll

It's hard to believe, but even some of the most famous celebrities can become broke.

This has certainly been the case for , where we previously learned of his extravagance and penchant for the completely absurd. Which isn't so hard to believe.

According to Filmdrunk some of these purchases include: a pair of albino king cobras, a Lamborghini, two castles, two islands and an array of exotic pets.

But the most bananas, is the 67-million-year-old skull of a Tyrannosaurus bataar which made a $276,000 dent in his wallet. He bought it at a Californian auction in 2007 in a bidding war against : Cage was on the phone.

I'm sure Dicaprio was pretty relieved he lost after the discovery recently that the skull could be illegal.

Filmdrunk reported that:

The Telegraph discovered the skull was obtained by IM Chait – an auction house in Beverly Hills – from Eric Prokopi, a self-described 'commercial palaeontologist' who pleaded guilty last year to illegally importing fossils from Mongolia and China.

Prokopi has since been arrested and faces the possibility of a 17 year prison sentence. This came after selling a skeleton of a T bataar for $1 million and it looks like Cage's skull may be back on an endangered list of a different kind.

So there you have it Cage. Next time you consider impulse-buying a 67-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus bataar skull, perhaps you should think about sticking with the castles instead.

What's the most extravagant celebrity purchase you can think of?



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