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Tino Jochimsen

Although he has been acting his ass off in every movie he’s been in, it's safe to say that has a mixed bag of a filmography.

The upcoming film, Joe, could offer Nic Cage the opportunity for a performance to rival his Oscar winning turn in Leaving Las Vegas.

The indie drama is set in the American South, and centers on the unlikely friendship between a hard-drinking ex-convict and a 15-year-old boy (played by the very talented ) who tries to support his family.

The director, , seems to be on the comeback trail as well with his well received Prince Avalanche just debuting at Sundance, after the mildy turgid Your Highness. The filmmaker offered (via indieWIRE'S The Playlist) the following description of the film, which does sound enticing albeit in a decidedly depressing manner:

It’s Nicolas Cage in a movie that’s not like anything Nicolas Cage has done before. It’s dark as fuck. It’s a slow-burn, dark, heavy movie. Very grim.

If this hasn't fired up your anticipation, here's the first official still from the movie, showcasing the three principal protagonists: , , and his beard.


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