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Nicolas Cage is the actor who keeps on giving. No matter how poorly some of his movies may perform (financially or critically), Cage somehow always gets work every year and his ever-growing fan base is there to support him.

Now, Cage may be a few feet from scoring a role that could turn his career around for the better. If rumors are to believed, Cage could portray former American president Ronald Reagan in an upcoming biopic.

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Caging Reaganomics

Nicolas Cage in 'National Treasure' (2004)
Nicolas Cage in 'National Treasure' (2004)

According to the New York Post's own Page Six, Cage has been offered the chance to portray the now-deceased president in a yet untitled biopic. As of this moment, negotiations are still ongoing.

The 40th president of the United States of America led his country over the course of two terms, and his administration was rife with scandals, accusations of corruption and abuses of power. During his term, Reagan's involvement in questionable foreign conflicts, a disastrous war against a then-rising drug epidemic, and the infamous economic system of "Reaganomics" were just some of the many issues that made their way to the headlines.

Taxes are never popular
Taxes are never popular

As controversial as Reagan may have been, he has since become a popular and revered figure for the conservative side of American politics. Cage's hesitation to portray him in an upcoming film reportedly stems from his concerns that playing Reagan in a favorable and flattering light could damage his standing in Hollywood.

Additionally, America's current heated political climate could result in a poor reception for a film about a former President who is now treated as though he were a saint by right wing politicians.

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The Other Reagan

Will Ferrell in 'Talladega Nights' (2006)
Will Ferrell in 'Talladega Nights' (2006)

Cage's offer comes on the heels of comedian Will Ferrell dropping out a different Reagan biopic. Simply titled Reagan, this particular movie would have seen Ferrell playing the president in the latter years of his life, especially when he was suffering from dementia. Reagan was a black comedy, where the president was convinced that he was just an actor playing a president in a movie.

Earlier this year, Ferrell backed out of Reagan when the biopic's proposed plot was met with harsh criticism from all sides - including two of Reagan's children. Reagan was accused of being disrespectful not just to Reagan's surviving family members, but to those who suffer from serious mental illnesses such as Alzheimer's Disease.

As of now, there has been no news on Reagan's status.

Reagan: The Movies

Ronald Reagan during a press conference in 1986 (Image c/o NBC News)
Ronald Reagan during a press conference in 1986 (Image c/o NBC News)

Depending on who ends up being involved in its production, a Reagan biopic has the chance to either be a sympathetic eye-opener or a shameless fluff piece. If done right, audiences could be in for a landmark presidential biopic similar to the ones Oliver Stone directed such as JFK, W. or most famously, Nixon with Sir Anthony Hopkins in the titular role.

Recently, Cage took on a political figure of a different kind in the comedy Army of One. In the film Cage plays Gary Faulkner, a handyman from Colorado who receives a vision telling him to go to Pakistan to capture Osama Bin Laden. (Check out the trailer below.)

Whether or not Cage accepts the presidential role as his next project, Reagan still played a significant part in world history. Whoever ends up translating his life story and legacy to the big screen will be in for an interesting ride, and it's one historians and moviegoers alike will undoubtedly want to see.


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