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The depravity in director 's Only God Forgives certainly polarized audiences. Even though the director's beautiful and horrific follow-up to the highly successful Drive achieved some positive reviews, the movie only made $0.8 million at the US box office. Now, he's trying to recapture some of the risque magic he's known for, presumably with higher returns, in an all-female horror movie starring a perpetually doe-eyed called I Walk with the Dead.

The London Evening Standard is reporting (via Indiewire) that Polly Stenham, a playwright mostly known for her 2007 work That Face, will work on the script. Stenham points out that Refn wanted her to work on the script as a form of image rehab due to his previous "misogynistic" works. I guess that's what you get when you're last movie's female characters include only prostitutes and lady sociopaths.

Refn is also currently working on the thriller The Avenging Silence and a TV-adaptation of the classic Barbarella.

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