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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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Ahh the 2017 Oscars. Where La La Land won Best Picture for 3 hot, confused minutes, the living were honored in the 'In Memoriam' tribute and Brie Larson refused to clap for an Oscar winning sexual predator.

If nothing else, they'll be remembered as one of the most eventful Academy Awards in history — and that's without mentioning the Show's phenomenal highlight: Nicole Kidman clapping like a delighted robotic seal to Justin Timberlake's opening performance:

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In Nicole's Own Words, Here's What Happened

Speaking on the Kyle & Jackie O Radio Show on Australia's KIIS radio station, Nicole went on the record to clear up exactly what the deal was with her epic clapping malfunction. Behind the bizarre show of flappy-clappy joy lay a traumatic dilemma. On the one hand she stated:

"I wanna clap. I don’t wanna not be clapping which would be worse right? [People would ask] Why isn’t Nicole clapping? So therefore - I’m clapping."

But on the other hand:

"It was really difficult because I had a HUGE ring on that was not my own but was absolutely gorgeous and I was terrified of damaging it."

So there you have it. While diamonds may be a girls best friend, they can also make you look flipping insane in a standing ovation.

Nicole Kidman's Demented Clapping: Alternative Explanations

Naturally of course, the internet had other ideas as to exactly what was going on with Nicole's intimidatingly ample flapper hands during the Award Ceremony:

  • Theory No.1: Nicole Kidman's Hands Are Actually Australian Boomerangs

  • Theory No.2: Nicole Kidman Is An Elf, Or Perhaps A Goblin:

  • Theory No.3: Nicole Kidman Is A Malfunctioning Westworld Host:

  • Theory No.4: Halfway Through The Clap, Nicole Forgot How To Do It:

  • Theory No.5: Nicole Was Actually Getting Sucked Into Jumanji During The Oscars:


Why do you think Nicole Kidman was clapping at the Oscars like a deranged seal?


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