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Prepare your snorkels and clear out those blowholes, because it is getting a little crowded down in Atlantis. As Jason Momoa flexes his abs and swishes his hair like a L'Oreal commercial in preparation for James Wan's Aquaman, casting news is washing ashore in tidal waves. Hot off the news that Yahya Adul-Mateen II will be playing the villainous Black Manta, the latest reports are that Academy Award-winner Nicole Kidman is preparing to dip her toe in the and will suit up as 's mommy dearest, Atlanna.

Mum's The Word

'Justice League: Throne of Atlantis' [Credit: Warner Home Video]
'Justice League: Throne of Atlantis' [Credit: Warner Home Video]

While it was always clear that an Aquaman solo film would explore the complicated Atlantean family tree, we still know relatively little about his mother, despite being part of comics for nearly 60 years. Atlanna has featured as a minor part in the animations Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, but if Kidman really is drying out her wetsuit, it will be the character's first live-action portrayal on screen. Actress Daniella Wolters was due to take on the role in the cancelled Smallville spin-off Mercy Reef, but the project never made it past pilot.

Going from the history, traditional Aquaman lore first introduced Atlanna through flashback in Adventure Comics #260 in 1959. After being left for dead by a freak storm, Atlanna fell for lone lighthouse keeper Tom Curry and the couple soon had a son, Arthur Curry (a.k.a. Aquaman). Atlanna died early on before Aquaman's rise to power but confessed her real life on her deathbed. The story has evolved over the years, while a Post-Crisis storyline changed her origin to an affair with the wizard Atlan after her infertile husband couldn't provide an heir to the throne.

However, the most prominent (and marketable) version of Atlanna comes from the New 52 era. Again, she is taken in by Curry like in her first origin story, but fakes her death to escape the oppressive rule in Atlantis. Given that Kidman is such a big name to have on board, and that the DCEU is heading down a more realistic route, expect to probably get that lighthouse rockin' with this plot.

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Nice To DCEU Again

'Batman Forever' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Batman Forever' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

However, fans of '90s films will know that this isn't Kidman's first time crossing paths with members of the . Let's just hope that Kidman's entry into the fares better than her last incarnation alongside Batman. Kidman (in)famously played Dr. Chase Meridian in Joel Schumacher's neon nightmare Batman Forever in 1995.

Flirtatious, gushing, and a bit of a bunny boiler, she just wanted to get under the cowl to the man beneath the bat; so, while the Oscar-winning actress may be remembered for some great roles, Meridian will certainly not be one. A bit like Kim Basinger's forgettable Vicky Vale, Meridian all but vanished when it came to the even more diabolical Batman & Robin in 1997, but is anyone really complaining?

'Batman Forever' [Credit: Warner Bros.
'Batman Forever' [Credit: Warner Bros.

Well, if a second chance work for Affleck, it can certainly work for Kidman. The 49-year-old is currently winning critical acclaim for her performance in the Weinstein Co.'s Lion, while her previous credits include Eyes Wide Shut, Moulin Rouge, and The Hours. Casting Kidman as Atlanna would be similar to Marvel's coup of having Anthony Hopkins and Rene Russo as the Asgardian Royal Family in the Thor films.

Kidman isn't kidding and will join Jason Momoa as the titular merhero, Amber Heard as love interest Mera, Patrick Wilson as Aquaman's evil half-brother Orm, and Willem Dafoe as scientific advisor Dr. Vulko. With filming set to begin in Australia this April, Aquaman is scheduled for an October 2018 release. Aiming to reinvent the story of one of DC's most-mocked entities, Momoa will certainly prove that the king of Atlantis doesn't just talk to sea creatures.

Check out the trailer for Aquaman's entry into the Justice League, and don't forget our poll below!


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