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If you grew up in the nineties, it's highly likely that you spent a large amount of time singing along to the Spice Girls classic "Wannabe" with all your heart. The catchy pop track put Posh, Scary, Sporty, Baby, and Ginger Spice on the map, and became an undeniable anthem of the era. But can you believe that was over two decades ago?

Released on July 8, 1996, "Wannabe" officially turns 21 years old this week. And to mark the occasion, W Magazine have released a video montage of various celebrities giving us their own unique interpretations of the pop classic.

Among the famous faces, we see the likes of , , and Stranger Things star performing the lyrics of the track. While some of them chose to give us serious deliveries, others couldn't contain their excitement and went all out.

But undoubtedly the biggest star of the video was Kidman, who gave us a sultry, dramatic delivery of the iconic lines before winking at the camera. After receiving great reviews for her performances in Big Little Lies and The Beguiled, she will now lead Season 2 of BBC's Top Of The Lake. Thus, the legendary actress has undoubtedly had a great year, but this amazing performance just might be her finest moment so far.

The Lasting Impact Of The Spice Girls

"Wannabe" may be over twenty years old, but from this video it's clear that its impact is still felt to this day. The fact that these famous faces are willing to devote their time to celerbate the song's anniversary really says a lot about the impact that both the Spice Girls and the song made. In fact, this isn't the first time that celebrities have unveiled their love for the Spice Girls.

Actress Emma Stone has revealed on many occasions that she was a major fan of the Spice Girls when she was younger, admitting that Baby Spice, Emma Bunton, was her favorite. But who could ever forget the adorable moment when she cried with joy on the radio after receiving a message from Scary Spice Mel B?

But Stone isn't the only celebrity who had a Spice Girls obsession when she was a child. In an interview with Marie Claire, Blake Lively revealed that she too loved the iconic girl-group when she was younger. She stated:

"When I was a child I probably should have been medicated about my obsession with The Spice Girls. I had the Buffalo shoes, a customised Baby Spice necklace –when I say custom made it was made out of plastic from the local mall – and a union jack dress."

Moreover, the Spice Girls' influence extends to other musical artists as even the almighty Adele is a fan. The Grammy-winning artists performed a breif rendition of their track "Spice Up Your Life" at her world tour last year. The performance was posted by a fan on Twitter and received the Spice Girls' seal of approval when Geri Halliwell and Mel C, shared it to their followers.

It may be hard to believe that Spice Girls classic "Wannabe" is 21 years old, but don't let that stop you from enjoying it like you did back in the '90s. It's clear that many celebrities still love them after all these years, so don't be afraid to grab a hair brush, start dancing and get working on those "zig-a-zig-ah"s.

Did you enjoy the celebrities' version of "Wannabe"? Let us know in the comments below!

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