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If you've been watching The Walking Dead for awhile, then you'll no doubt be very familiar with the name Greg Nicotero. He's been involved with the series since Season 1, and as the special effects makeup supervisor, Nicotero is the man responsible for the amazingly gory look of the walkers. Not to mention that since Season 1 Nicotero has also gone on to direct for the series, as well as becoming one of the executive producers.

Having been involved with for almost eight years, he's a firm part of the Walking Dead family, and by extension, so are his two children, Deven and Alyssa. The two Nicotero kids have spent a large part of their childhood surrounded by the Walking Dead, but it was during the mid-season premiere they finally got a chance to get in front of the cameras for a cheeky cameo appearance.

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That's right, while you were focussed on catching another glimpse of Shiva, Greg Nicotero probably earned Father Of The Year when his two kids popped up during the archery scene at the Kingdom.

Alyssa Nicotero teaching archery [Credit: AMC]
Alyssa Nicotero teaching archery [Credit: AMC]

Alyssa Nicotero appeared on the left side of the screen, offering advice to a one-legged survivor on how to shoot her bow and arrow. Then 14-year-old Deven showed up on the left, first being taught how to shoot, and then watching on in a group of other kids.

Devon Nicotero on the far right with sister Alyssa on the far left [Credit: AMC]
Devon Nicotero on the far right with sister Alyssa on the far left [Credit: AMC]

Greg Nicotero revealed his children's cameo during the Walking Dead after show, The Talking Dead, and couldn't help but show his joy at sharing his passion with his loved ones. Nicotero told host, Chris Hardwick:

"We've been on the air for seven years. My kids, you know, I have to spend a lot of time away from my family when we're filming. And they've sort of told me, 'I don't know if we want to be walkers on the show' — because they don't want the contact lenses. So in this episode, there's a moment where my son, Deven, and my daughter, Alyssa, are in the scene with Ezekiel. When Ezekiel turns and talks to Rick and the group, my kids are in the background shooting arrows and being taught and trained to take care of themselves as Kingdomers. And that made me really happy to be able to have my kids in the episode."

Aw! We look forward to seeing more cameos from the Nicotero family in the future.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 10, "New Best Friends" on February 19.


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