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On February 16, 2018, the story of will finally come to the big screen. T'Challa's origins will be explored as well as the history of his country Wakanda, the vibrant, hidden African paradise that is home to him and many of his allies and enemies.

Common BP characters like Romanda, Eric Killmonger, and the dreaded Man-Ape are already confirmed the movie, and this another enemy of T'Challa was added to the official roster.

Nightshade Confirmed For Black Panther

[Credit: Marvel]
[Credit: Marvel]

Recently, Black Panther actress tweeted a picture of herself next to Michael B. Jordan's Kilmonger in the Black Panther teaser trailer. She revealed in the tweet that her previously unnamed character is actually Tilda Johnson, who is better known in the Marvel comicverse by her supervillain alter-ego, Nightshade. She is an adversary who specializes in creating special serums that, among other things, bend men and animals to her will and transforms people into...werewolves.

Her role in the film doesn't necessarily mean we'll see her suiting up and creating furry creatures of the night, but it could lead to another character with strong Black Panther connections making an appearance: Captain America.

Nightshade Is One Of Many Links Between Captain America And Black Panther

Nightshade's first comic book appearance was in the pages of Captain America #164 (1973). Her appearance in the film creates yet another connection between Black Panther and the patriotic Captain in the . It wouldn't be such a strong connection, however, if it weren't for the rest of the evidence connecting Captain America to the movie.

Everett K. Ross, another character with a relationship to , is set to appear in Black Panther. Ross appeared in last year's Captain America: Civil War as a member of the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre and a semi-antagonist to Cap and company. It's unknown how present he will be in Black Panther, but given that the trailer shows him traveling to Wakanda, and his connection to T'Challa in the comics, it's unlikely that he's just a cameo.

Everett K. Ross [Credit: Marvel]
Everett K. Ross [Credit: Marvel]

Aside from Ross, Bucky Barnes, a.k.a. The Winter Soldier, is obviously the greatest tie between Captain America and Black Panther and the most logical reason for a Cap cameo. Barnes was last seen willingly being cryogenically frozen in Wakanda using their advanced technology until T'Challa and his people could find a way to rid Bucky of the remnants of his brainwashing.

The mid-credits Civil War scene that revealed this also featured Steve Rogers and T'Challa discussing Barnes and how his presence in Wakanda could spell danger. While T'Challa seems unfazed by it, it's still a possibility that Barnes' location could get compromised. Perhaps this will result in Cap having to help Black Panther defend Barnes and his own country?

While Ross and Barnes are the two largest pieces of evidence for Rogers appearing in Black Panther, other smaller ties abound, such as Cap's shield being made from vibranium, which can only be found in Wakanda. Since the last time we saw him, Cap had given up his shield, he'll surely need another one and who else could make that for him but a Wakandan—possibly Shuri, Wakanda's vibranium expert?

It's also worth noting that Kilmonger and Nightshade both appear in New York City at some point, as evidenced by the film's teaser trailer. While there was no love lost between Steve and T'Challa during the events of , they grew to have a great respect for one another. It's not inconceivable that T'Challa could call in a favor from his friend in tracking down his enemies—especially since that friend owes him big time.

Many have speculated that Steve Rogers could cameo in the Black Panther film, and with all of these Cap-related elements being present in the film, it's becoming more and more likely that we'll be seeing America's favorite hero travel to Africa to team up with the King of Wakanda!

What do you think? Will we see Captain America in Black Panther? Sound off in the comments below!

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