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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

DC fans! Now Nightwing has been confirmed for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you know what's gonna happen. You'll be in the cinema, settling down to enjoy 's epic blockbuster, when that non-comicbook friend/partner/relative whispers in your ear.

'Who's this Nightwing guy?' 'What's happening?' 'But I thought he was Robin?' 'I don't get it' 'Wait, is he Batman?' 'What's with all the capes?'

The questions will keep coming. To save your Batman vs. Superman experience - and your sanity - here's a quick survival guide to Nightwing that you can hand to your non-comicbook companion, giving them all the info they need, and allowing you to enjoy your DC time in peace.

1) Batman vs. Superman Will be unrelated to 's The Dark Knight Rises, so don't use the Nolanverse for reference. It's a self-contained trilogy.

2) There have been many Robins since his first outing in 1940: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne and Stephanie Brown have all held the title.

3) Batman vs Superman will probably take the Dick Grayson storyline for Nightwing, as he's the best known Robin/Nightwing character.

4) Dick Grayson was an acrobat in a circus with his parents, who were murdered by mob man Tony Zucco. Bruce Wayne legally took guardianship of the young orphan.

5) Robin is Batman's most famous sidekick, but he also becomes leader of the young superhero group, the Teen Titans.

6) Nightwing is the new name that Robin takes for himself after he decides to establish his own identity and independence. In some comics, he only becomes Nightwing after he thinks Batman has been killed.

7) Robin chooses the moniker Nightwing as a tribute to a superhero he met in Kandor, Kryptonia (Superman's home planet).

8) Nightwing had his own comic series 1996 - 2009. DC were thinking of killing him off, but backed down due to fan outrage.

9) Nightwing has not been in a live action movie before, so his appearance in Batman vs. Superman is a big deal for DC fans. We've seen Robin in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, but never his later guise as Nightwing.