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In what is certainly the best news we've heard all week, it's been revealed that we are finally getting a Nightwing film. Warner Bros. are currently developing the project and Chris MacKay — who recently directed the Movie — is in negotiations to direct while Bill Dubuque is writing the script. The film's announcement will undoubtedly be a popular one as fans have wanted to see a solo project devoted to the fan-favorite character for quite some time.

Nightwing always knew how to smile in "Young Justice."
Nightwing always knew how to smile in "Young Justice."

Nightwing's inclusion into the DCEU signifies a change for the extended universe, and it's most definitely a good one, that will hopefully rub off on the collection of films and earn them the praise they desire.

A Light In The Dark

In the comics, Nightwing — a.k.a. Dick Grayson — is undoubtedly best known for being the first Robin. During his stint as the Boy Wonder, things eventually fall apart and he ends up setting out on his own as Nightwing. But despite the tension with his Batman, Grayson always maintained that youthful, joyous charm that made Robin such a success. Even though he matured, he remained young at heart. And that is the kind of heart that the DCEU desperately needs.

Nightwing could be the light that Batman and the DCEU needs. [Credit: DC Comics]
Nightwing could be the light that Batman and the DCEU needs. [Credit: DC Comics]

Despite the darkness surrounding his life, Nightwing always manages to add a sense of humor to any situation he involves himself in. In fact, all you have to do is look at the character's most recent appearance on film — The LEGO Batman Movie — and you will see that. But that doesn't necessarily mean the movie has to be overly bright or cheesy — we haven't forgotten about Dick Grayson's last live-action appearance in 1997's camptastic Batman & Robin where he was portrayed by Chris O'Donnell. No, quite the opposite in fact. Whether he debuts in another film or in his own upcoming solo project, Nightwing will be able to brighten up the dark world of the DCEU.

There's no doubt about it, Ben Affleck's Batman is an incredibly somber one. But he is very much a product of that world. Throwing Nightwing into the mix would brighten things up in a way only Dick Grayson could. But more than that, he would be a beacon of hope for the DCEU — in more ways that one. When you think about it, the Robin to Nightwing progression is arguably Batman's greatest success, and in the grim world of the DCEU, we need to see that success in action.

In the past, Nightwing has humorously added a lighter tone to animated series' The New Batman Adventures and — while managing to inspire hope at the same time — so I have no doubt that he will be capable of doing the same thing on the big screen.

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A Fresh Storyline With New Characters

When we first heard that : Dawn Of Justice would kick-start the DCEU, we were all excited at the prospect of seeing the world's two greatest squaring off on the big screen for the first time ever. However, there were critics who complained that DC was recycling the same characters instead of taking the opportunity of a new continuity to explore characters we didn't know quite as well.

It seems like DC are finally beginning to listen to their fans, because a Nightwing film is something that many of them have been waiting to happen for many years. And the character's arrival in the DCEU could very well bring with it a host of new storylines that have never been explored on the big screen before.

Nightwing always added a great deal to "The New Batman Adventures" [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Nightwing always added a great deal to "The New Batman Adventures" [Credit: Warner Bros.]

While Batman & Robin touched upon Dick Grayson's tension with Bruce, the new continuity would allow us to see the humorous Nightwing come back into the fold. Perhaps all that tension would be gone, paving the way for a more amicable relationship between the two comic book characters, or perhaps they could clash over their differing views of crime-fighting. Speaking of crime-fighting, Grayson's acrobatic background ensures that he has a unique and athletic form of fighting. With all the brutish superheroes the DCEU has to offer, Nightwing's agile, gravity-defying feats would make for a remarkably different approach to taking down the bad guys. Remember Marvel's Daredevil was commended for its revolutionary fight scenes, and I have a feeling that Nightwing would be able to pull off an equally as impressive feat.

Moreover, with Nightwing's base of operations in the comic books being Bludhaven, this would allow the DCEU to incorporate villains we never seen in any DC film before, such as the Blockbuster Gang. In fact, one of Nightwing's primary villains is Deathstroke — who happens to be the main antagonist in — so it's always possible he could turn up in Bludhaven as well. As he has never been seen on the big screen before either, he would be a welcome addition to the Nightwing film.

Nightwing has always been able to take out multiple enemies at a time.
Nightwing has always been able to take out multiple enemies at a time.

Now that we know Nightwing will be venturing onto the big screen, it's only a matter of time before the DCEU will receive the praise it craves. The athletic crime-fighter will bring a much-needed youthful vibrance to the otherwise grim universe, and in doing so will brighten it up immensely. His sense of humor will provide a welcome break from the long somber stares we have seen from the franchise before, and will undoubtedly lighten the tone.

Moreover, Nightwing's presence is symbolic of the expansion of the DCEU. With his introduction, we will likely be introduced to Bludhaven and with that, a host of new never before seen on the big screen characters. And if we know Dick Grayson, we can expect them to be equally as colorful as Nightwing himself. The former Robin is coming to the DCEU and will undoubtedly be a beacon of hope for all of its characters. But most importantly, he is a beacon of hope for the DCEU itself.

Are you excited for Nightwing's inclusion in the DCEU? Let us know in the comments below!

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